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Meet Radana,

your electrologist

Hi there and welcome!
I am Rad, the electrologist, and owner at Bare Glow Electrolysis.

I help you to get rid of those pesky hairs you hate so much - for good.

I used to avoid all the situations where swimsuits were involved or clothes that would expose my unwanted hair or irritated skin from shaving/waxing.

It was a persistent problem that kept me from living to the fullest and feeling comfortable in my own body.

What I didn’t know then, is that there is a solution, and it’s called Electrolysis. 
The only permanent hair removal method recognized by the FDA.

After I experienced the benefits for myself, I became board certified and now pride myself in helping others to feel their best.

As a former dental assistant, I am very familiar with proper sanitation standards and customer care is extremely important to me.
My office is a professional, safe and compassionate setting. People of all gender and identities are welcome here.

If you want to explore solving your unwanted hair growth problem for good - so you can feel great in your own skin,
book your free consultation today.

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