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  • what is Electrolysis?
    It is a permanent hair removal method first introduced in 1875 by an ophthalmologist (yes, an eye doctor believe it or not) to treat ingrown eyelashes. Though the technology is more advanced now, Electrolysis still primarily involves inserting a sterile, disposable, fine probe into a hair follicle (its natural opening) and delivering a slight amount of heat to destroy the hair root. From there, the hair can be gently lifted away from the skin. Hair has three cycles which aren't synchronized, meaning not all hair is present and at the same stage at the same time. We can treat hair that is visible on the surface of the skin during any given session. Once other hair makes an appearance, it should not be mistaken for a regrowth but simply for another cycle ready for treatment. Electrolysis takes time and we are confident you will agree it is time well spent. 

  • is Electrolysis painful?
    There are many factors to consider including each person's unique hair qualities and tolerance, the modality being used, and the settings on the epilator machine. It is most often described as a small heat or sting sensation. I'll be honest, there is no such a thing as completely pain free Electrolysis but I have some good news too! There are several things you and I can do to help make you most comfortable (see "What can I do before going to my appointment" section).
  • why should I choose Electrolysis to solve my unwanted hair growth problem?
    Electrolysis works on any type of skin and hair with permanent effectiveness unlike laser, which has its limitations on skin types and hair color. Any part of the body can be treated (excluding ear canals and nasal passages). You can free yourself from ineffective time consuming shaving and waxing.
  • what causes the hair growth in unusual places?
    Excess hair growth can be caused by natural physiological changes, such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause. It can also be hereditary or caused by a medical disorder such as PCOS, hormonal imbalance, thyroid and by a certain medication like cortisone, testosterone or steroids.
  • how long before I am hair-free?
    This varies from one individual to another. The size of the area being treated, hair density, previous use of temporary hair removal methods, medications, and hormonal state are all carefully considered when developing a treatment plan. After 3-6 months of regular sessions there will be noticeable hair reduction. Due to our natural hair cycles it takes on average 12-18 months to permanently banish unwanted hair. We will make a plan together, adjust it along the way, and document your progress via pictures.
  • what can I do before going to my appointment?
    HYDRATE! Inside and out. We cannot stress this enough and this will be our mantra. Beyond flushing waste from your body, water nourishes and plumps your skin and promotes that glow. Plus, your Electrologist will love you for it! Also, you may want to forego that cup of coffee or any alcoholic beverages before your appointment, you’ll be less dehydrated and more relaxed. NOTE: Please, arrive with sufficient hair length ( 1/4" at least)!
  • what to expect after my treatment and are there any side effects?
    You may notice a little redness or swelling in the treated area, this is normal and usually disappears in a few hours or in a couple of days for more sensitive types. Some people may experience slight bruising, tenderness, breakouts, or tiny scabs, none of which last as natural body healing occurs. I will provide customized aftercare instructions, examples include: DO's - Ice the area, apply sunscreen if you will be outdoors, allow the treated area to breathe by wearing loose clothes.
 DONT's – Don’t wear make-up for at least 24 hours, no touching, scratching, or picking at the treated area, and no hot shower or bath the same day as the treatment
  • how about the cost?
    I am glad you asked! It was one of my first questions when I started Electrolysis treatments. We will discuss the cost and time you'll have to put in during your FREE consultation. I need to evaluate your skin, hair coarseness, and hair density. You will leave with an estimate of per session cost and recommended frequency of visits. Most clients start with weekly visits and progress to every other week, and wean from there. Consistency is the key to successful Electrolysis. And, I know life happens. I am willing to work collaboratively and adapt your treatment plan as need be. Please remember, it will take longer to reach your goals if there are missed appointments or long lapses between visits.


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